Racist Jello Commercial

posted on 24 Sep 2009 in Fun Video

I recently stumbled across this on Youtube:

This is the type of bad manufactured Engrish from the western mind (albeit 1960’s mind) that I try to avoid at all costs. Every once in a while I’ll have to delete captions (comments) on the main site because they sound like this Jello commercial.

  • http://EarleyDaysYet.blogspot.com EarleyDaysYet

    Oh Dear God that was bad. The last line pretty much summed it up: “plitty good cowmerciaw, no?”. Uh…. NO. Correct.

  • BeadyEl

    Wow – just…. wow.

  • Rigoletto

    This is terrible, but isn’t nearly as bad as the Censored Eleven.

  • Quantity Surveyor Man

    Maybe the poor kid can’t tell what flavor it is because its all monochrome-gray.

    Even when the stuff is in living color, it kinda sucks as a food substance anyway. Especially hospital Jello. *shudder*

  • Egypt-chan

    Wow. What the crap? What’s an ‘Ancient Chinese Pantomime’?

  • http://www.dieseldragon.co.uk DieselDragon

    Personally, I’d consider this to be quite a bit more racist than merely “borderline”, but at the same time they had a different outlook on things back in the 60’s. If they tried re-running this today though, there’d be outcry from just about everywhere. 😮

    Mind you though, it also shows an interesting alternative to the old cliché “Trying to pin jelly to the wall”, too! :)

  • http://www.folkcatart.com/blogs/jen Crafting Jen

    The narration in the commercial bears a strong resemblance to the section of the movie (and stage musical) “The King and I”, where the wives and children of the king are presenting a play about Uncle Tom’s Cabin to visiting dignitaries.

    The movie came out in the late 50’s, and so this would have been a fairly fresh and familiar pop-culture reference when this Jello ad came out.

    None of which excuses the racism and political incorrectness of the ad, but it may explain where the idea came from.

  • Big Fat Cat

    Hmmmm…. maybe I should try eating Jello with chopsticks.

  • Anna

    Surely, for bad-accent consistency’s sake, he should be calling it Jerro?

  • jjhitt

    That’s MISTER Chinese Baby, dude.

  • Misty

    I have to say that glape Jell-O plitty good, but Jell-O even better with the whipping cleam on top.

    …I felt so wrong doing that. That commercial is right up there with the Flintstones Winston cigarette’s commercial in terms of “what the crap?!”

  • Egypt-chan

    The worst part is that while being borderline racist and certainly offensive, not to mention rudely and incorrectly imitating an accent, the commercial made me want Jell-O.

  • Lollerskate

    Wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t say “Chinese” constantly.

  • http://www.ilovebigcats.deviantart.com Kitty

    What the sodding fuck is ‘Jerro’?

  • http://www.scamfreeinternet.com kevin

    Spoon a Western invention?
    btw, I can eat jerro fine with chopsticks.

  • Trekkie Monster

    What should the position of Avenue Q’s Christmas Eve be, under these circumstances? Well “everyone’s a little bit racist” anyway…

  • Cicadapop

    Wasn’t the spoon a Chinese invention? Forks too?

  • http://www.xenobiologista.com/blog/ Xenobiologista

    Another stupid thing about it is that Chinese people make jelly from seaweed (agar) not boiled-up cow tendons (Jello’s pretty gross if you think about it too much).

  • neo-zefrancaise

    Quite apart from all the other crap they come out with, the spoon is NOT a purely Western invention. Ask any Korean.

  • http://myspace.com/coffeebot coffeebot

    This is what you get when you’re raised on Looney Toons WW2-era anti-japanese propaganda.

  • Omgwana Kikbuti

    Having grown up during that era, I think of this as a lovely piece of memorabilia from the days when Political Correctness didn’t stifle people’s creativity.

  • Lollerskate

    Speaking about spoons, they have been around since Paleolithic times, so would be silly to claim its invention.

  • What?

    Racist against what??? The chopsticks?? I’m kind of leaning towards the actual focus of the humor… which appears to be directed towards the fact that Jello would be difficult to eat with chopsticks.

    I am going out on a limb here but the following foods might also cause Chinese baby much distress:

    1. Large cuts of beef
    2. Certain types of cereal
    3. Ice cream

    Why? Well it is a BABY and it’s learning to use chopsticks on foods that might be a bit sketchy for even the most seasoned chopstick toting Jello connoisseur
    And … yes it’s too bad they didn’t have access to Google back then to research the invention of various utensils.

  • Lynn Guss

    Glape Jerro velly good

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