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posted on 18 Sep 2009 in Almost Engrish, Fun Pics

Oddly enough, this was found in West Hollywood California:

Photo courtesy of “Salamander”.

  • tekleader

    This cat is dry and stringy. I thought I told you to get the canned cat?

  • Duck

    I tend to prefer my cat fresh ground …

  • Duck

    I feel kind of cheated:
    Canned Pork Product ingredients: Cat
    Canned Cat ingredients: Pork

  • Xila

    Usually they refer to this as “Spam”

  • Big Fat Cat

    No surprise. We import these products from China and they manufacture anything you can imagine.

  • Algernon

    This cat tastes kinda gritty

  • squeaksturr

    and they say asians eat cats! stupid hollywood!

  • DieselDragon

    Actually, if ye insert the word “food” after the first two signs, then it actually makes good sense. Presumably, they didn’t have enough space to put the whole text on the sign in that type-face, and were too faddy about looks to use a smaller font. Obviously, “Cat sand” refers to cat litter. :)

    Or taking a different angle on this: Was this found in a Chinese or Asian run supermarket? :)

  • Tatsu

    Oh, so that’s what happens to the recycled cats!

  • Figure.10

    Cat’s appreciate there being no “wet cat”.

  • Lynn Guss

    I love cats… they are very tasty.

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