Don’t Fall Down

posted on 11 Sep 2009 in Fun Pics

Over the years I have received a large number of photos of the classic Chinglish sign “Don’t Fall Down” – found in the Forbidden City in Beijing, China. The sign is funny on its own, but everyone has their own unique take on it:

The traditional “I was here” photo:

To give you an idea of where this sign is:

Uh oh, people are starting to fall down…


And my favorite (featuring the dead cockroach look):

Photos courtesy of Elisabeth Olsen, Luke Copland, Doc Halliday, Tracy Webb and Regan Murphy.

  • Big Fat Cat

    You cannot fall down because it’s the Forbidden City. Everything is forbidden and falling down is no exception.

  • coffeebot

    We need one in America that says “don’t hit bicyclists while driving high on crack”

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