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posted on 31 Aug 2009 in Almost Engrish, Engrish Video

Here is a screen capture taken from the Japanese anime series Elfen Lied. I am not familiar with the series so I am not sure what context this is in, but seems a bit odd nonetheless…

Screenshot courtesy of “Nothing Prettymuch”.

  • SF

    That’s what happens when you wear neither belt nor suspenders and must come out with your hands up.

  • simulflow

    I saw a great cartoon once where a guy shouts “This is the police! Throw down your arms and come out with your hands up!” and the guy inside says “You’ve got the wrong hut … the wizard is two doors down.”

  • Pickle Cheeseburger

    Maybe that was what they meant to say? Is the next scene where all the cops reveal that they are wearing tear-aways and the one in the middle has a boom box. They are hot-cops. No mistake here as far as I’m concerned.

  • http://none soldeed

    I remember this line from a beavis and butthead episode when beavis is in a lavatory and shouts; I am cornholio! are you threatening me? Come out with your pants down!

  • Big Fat Cat

    The subtitle is correct. The police wants to disarm the big gun.

  • Jay

    Tony: I was just walking down the street, I was on my way to luncheon
    When I was stopped by a policeman, and he abused me with his truncheon
    Mike: Did he beat you?
    Tony: He beat me.
    Mike: Did he whack you?
    Tony: He whacked me.
    Josie: Did he make you drop your pants?
    Tony: No…?


  • coffeebot

    The Spanki ‘N SWAT Team was taking no chances this night…

  • myself

    This should be “English” not “Engrish.”
    I have not seen this, so I do not know what the original Japanese says, but this is a translation of the Japanese.

    I would like to underscore “translation,” because this means that an English speaker translated this. Either due to poor Japanese or good Japanese that is how the translation came out. Were the latter true, it would be indubitably displaying comical effect.

    I have always found this site quite amusing, but I would just like to have the above point clarified. That English translation is the work of a animation translator/subber(subtitler). Who, at most times, would be a native English speaker (if the result language is English).

    Keep the amusing Engrish coming–I look forward to it.

  • engrishwebmaster

    @myself – That is precisely why I posted this pic in the Brog section of the site and not the main page. The Brog is for borderline Engrish (aka “Almost Engrish”), Engrish news, Engrish around the web and fun/weird Japan pop culture stuff.

    I generally don’t take the Engrish/English divide too seriously – I posted the pic because it seemed odd and funny at first glance. I can respect your take on it though. Thank you for you!

  • http://www.snowfoxcreations.com/ Grouperkun

    …I’ve seen art from that anime… If the art is any indication, that may be a correct translation.

    Ahoy, there be boobies there.

  • http://blogger.xs4all.nl/kajcom/ Kaijuu

    I’m afraid this is just a poor fansub translation. Just look at the font; a font like that will never be used on a legitimate release.
    I did the script/spell checking for the official Dutch release (translated by someone who actually understands Japanese), and I don’t remember any lines like this.

  • http://myspace.com/coffeebot coffeebot

    That’s not funny. I suffer from Borderline Engrish Disorder. It makes my life a living hell. How would you like to meet your cousin and ask for “a face lick”? The pants-down transliteration is a common mistake. Kudos to Engrishwebmaster.

  • Aster

    Actually, that’s probably normal given the context…the scene is noticeably gory and involves a lot of…er, revealing content.

  • Jori

    i love elfen lied! that was such a great movie! i just don’t recall that being part of the movie…

  • shidow

    haven’t seen at all but that does seem like something from elfen lied.

  • zoezoewriter

    It is completely out of context. In this scene, there was just an entire family murdered and the police don’t know who the criminal is. They want him/her to come out of the house. The correct translation would be “This is the police! Come out with your hands up!” Thankfully, most other translations managed that.

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