On short vacation

posted on 29 Aug 2009 in Engrish.com Site

Had no time to post Engrish for Saturday and Sunday morning!  I will post new Engrish again on Sunday. Sorry for delay!

Steve – Webmaster

  • http://www.mackbook123456.webs.com Early bird

    too bad

  • http://www.dieseldragon.co.uk DieselDragon

    Cheers for the heads-up Steve…I was curious as to where all the new Engrish had gone! 😀

    If ye are on holiday at the moment though, don’t worry too much about getting more updates done. After all, a holiday is meant to be a calm and relaxing break from the normal grind…And I’m sure that most of us who use the site are patient enough to be able to wait until ye have got back home afterwards. :)

    Take care for now, have a great holiday, and hope that everything’s doing alright for ye over there too! :)

  • coffeebot

    Dear Steve the Webmaster,

    It anxious our wait for your Recreate Time. Please never don’t, this vacate of a Engrish is a very do.

    Your Support,

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