Harry – You’re So Rock!

posted on 27 Aug 2009 in Engrish in the news

Harry Potter is so cool he generated some rockin’ Engrish:

This photo was found on a major Finnish newspaper site called Ilta-Sanomat (Evening News) from an article entitled “The Boy Who Conquered the World” a couple of years back. The photo was taken in Japan.

Thanks to Aino Pokela for the heads up (even though I am two years late…).

  • Brian Switzer

    I’m impressed by one thing. The contraction “you’re” was properly used. An amazing number of anglophones get that one wrong.

    I think I’ll make up my own “You’re so rock” sign and hang it at my desk.

  • Big Fat Cat

    Rock is even better than woody. Hard as rock.

  • Jay

    Actually it could say “you’re so rocky”. At least it would make grammatical sense, if not logical sense.

  • coffeebot

    …and your Spell great us!

  • Aino

    Better late than never :)

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