Corn! Corn! Corn!

posted on 17 Aug 2009 in Almost Engrish

“What can we put on the packaging to make sure that everyone knows it has corn inside?…”

Found in Japanese vending machine from Kirin Beverages. Corn Pottage soup is a popular vending machine drink in Japan in the winter (the cans are heated). It tastes quite good actually – like a corn cream soup.

  • http://SouthCarolina J. Tucker

    I’m gonna open a can of FIRE on your ass!!!

  • Commenter!Commenter!Commenter!

    Okay, so then what’s in the can labeled “FIRE”?

  • engrishwebmaster

    @Commenter!Commenter!Commenter! Funny you should ask – I wrote about “Fire” here:

  • McBee

    Another one could’ve been:


  • AD54

    I think the Royal Milk Tea is too sweet, don’t you think?

    And I HATED the corn cream soup in Japan! Especially when it sat a little too long and developed a skin over it. GROSS!!!

  • Egypt-chan

    …I disagree. I say,

  • EricG

    Is that Milhouse Van Houten Milk Cocoa?

  • Alex

    Cream corn soup was one of the most DISGUSTING things I had while in Japan. One morning I had no choice since it was the only “drink” served with breakfast at a hotel.

  • Xenobiologista

    They seriously need to export these hot drink vending machines to Wisconsin.

  • coffeebot

    “like corn cream soup”

    What are you? From Japan? Creamed Corn or Corn Chowder. What a dork.

  • Wilhelm

    The first thing my son ever said was “Corn! Corn! Corn!” And we don’t even eat(or drink) the stuff!

    I would not waste 100 yen. But I guzzle this stuff at the night cafes(where it’s free).

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