Sexphone Competition Sign Fixed Already?

posted on 7 Aug 2009 in Engrish in the news

You probably recall this Engrish entry from this past Sunday:

Well, looks like someone tipped them off and they have changed the sign already – only thing is it is still spelled wrong (saxophone has 2 “o’s”):

Thanks for the update – Craig Winter!

  • jjhitt

    It’s not “fixed”, it’s just a less funny misspelling.

  • Bob*

    oh they killed the fun v_v

  • Rayquaza

    Though you’d think a “sexphone competition” would attract more people.

  • Figure.10

    They still blow.

  • Big Fat Cat

    That doesn’t matter. Bill Clinton is still the winner of the competition.

  • John

    It still says “2008” on it, though.

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