Rodeo Boy II – From Japan Home Shopping Network

posted on 6 Aug 2009 in Fun Video

I checked it out – this thing is actually legit!

  • Ellen

    That is so wrong! I especially love the lady in pink; check out her expression.

  • Brian

    I guess it’s probably to exercise the trunk and abdominal muscles (as you shift around to keep your balance)…

    Still it looks like it might benefit from an optional attachment or two…

  • Ageless

    Call the number of the beast to order it… 0120-666-666

    Uhmmmm, no.

  • Fernando Colaco

    And right after the (expressive) lady in pink I almost pissed myself with the guy using the gadget while watching horses on the small TV set. Outrageous! I am ordering 2 for the office, will charge 3 dollars/ride and will get rich and retire! (or maybe not…)

  • Sachiko

    hahahaha For only $3,000 you can render horses obsolete…again!! And hahaha I LOL’D @ the lady in pink!! XD

  • Ellen

    Ha, I didn’t even notice that he was watching horses on the TV.

  • Figure.10

    And exercise is fun again!

    This is two activities in one, really quite remarkable.

  • ToriGee

    They have different versions of this down at Brookstone. they don’t let you try them out, though :(.

  • Xenobiologista

    It’s a Japanese knockoff of the iGallop (produced by a Singaporean company called OSIM). Go on YouTube and search for it, the funny ad videos have been around for a while.

  • snoozerpoo

    OMG, they shouldn’t have shown a close-up of the guys crotch while he as being, um, vibrated, eeeccchhh! Now, why can’t some company in the US import this for American cowgirls to – practice they’re horseback riding! Yeah, that is exactly the reason I want one, no other reason, really…

  • Egypt-chan

    Look at that nice, respectable businessman riding his RodeoBoy.

  • coffeebot

    I need one for my office waiting room!

  • Lightsout

    That is a copy of the original ijoyride look at the original..

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