It’s all Greek menu to me…

posted on 8 Jul 2009 in Fun Pics

Found on a menu from a Greek restaurant somewhere in Europe: 

Obviously “kid” means a young goat, but it still made me do a double take. The ‘lamps’ sound kinda tough though… 

Photo courtesy of Johan Brisinger.

  • cjvirus

    Show the complete photo and i would tell you the right translation.

  • Lucas V.

    I believe ‘Lamp’ is supposed to be LAMB.

  • Lucas V.

    adding to my previous comment,

    The “Over baked lamp” is really an “Oven baked lamb.”

  • Espy

    They can’t make me eat the Pixar mascot!

  • Ham Salad

    Lamp is good for a light meal!

  • Adelaide

    Baby kid cooked in a pot:
    cannibal on cannabis

  • igiboydeguzman

    I’m fine with the kid and “lamp.” The over-baked items are the ones that worry me.

  • That Guy

    Over-baked pork?
    Is that supposed to be over-cooked?
    In that case….why is it on the menu?

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