posted on 30 Jun 2009 in Engrish Links, Engrish Pics from Web

Even Amazon Japan gets things wrong – it should obviously be: “Lux Frip Frops Brack”… 

Screenshot sent in by Sean Bulkley.

  • Ageless

    No, obviously it should be ‘Rux Frip Frops brack”. :)

    Who wants to tell them those aren’t flip flops at all, but sandals?

  • garym

    The Katakana seems to say “kureshi sapu.” Crazy sap?

  • ric

    Must try that in a search engine.

    Perhaps they were trying to get around some kind of trade mark — is ‘flip flop’ a brand (bland”) name?

    Hmm, on second thoughts, ’tis the season of the intern, so cock-up is the most likely.

  • Hotjoe

    ric, no. In the Japanese language there is no “L” sound so non-english speaking japanese have trouble pronouncing english words like that, instead, turning it into the closest sounding “R” sound. Like pronouncing “pillow” as “Pirrow”

    engRish ;]

  • Figure.10

    That explains the potato chips…Flito Lay’s

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