Japanese Variety Show Contest Held in Library

posted on 16 Jun 2009 in Engrish Video, Fun Video

OK, at 5 million views some of you may have seen this one already, but if you are in the mood for silly stuff it couldn’t hurt to watch it again (the signs even have Engrish):

The above video is taken from the comedy duo Downtown’s tv show “Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!“, which often features Japanese TV talents in bizarre and painful situations.¬†

According to Wikipedia, the segment has been adapted into an American game show set to air on MTV on June 15th, 2009 (yesterday!). I am sure that they ruined it just like most US adaptations of Japanese shows. Did anyone see it?

  • Yesh

    haha i don’t know how the other people in the library aren’t laughing XD my fave was “old man bites tenderly”

  • Katie

    I lost the game!

  • Jackie

    For some reason, I found myself trying not to laugh audibly while watching this.

  • Flinch

    The Japanese have the best sense of humour!

  • http://thegoldenhome.blogspot.com nams

    they’ve had a copy of this show on mtv europe for a while. instead of drawing cards they have to pick balls out of a box or something and the person who gets the red ball instead of the black ones all the others have picked, is the one who has to do the dare.

  • christoph

    Sounds like “Fist of Zen”.

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