Times are tough…

posted on 12 Jun 2009 in Almost Engrish, Fun Pics

I should put this up in the Engrish.com Store! [sales are down…. :(  ]

Found in Hong Kong by Aidan O’H

  • http://OCDaisy.spaces.live.com Figure.10

    Awww…I’ll have to help 😀

  • Yesh

    I think I like those shirts in the background XD

  • Alex

    Perhaps if I wouldn’t be mortified to be seen in public with the new shirts, I would buy one. When did the Engrish store turn into tshirthell.com?

  • engrishwebmaster

    Well I can understand your hesitance with the last two shirts, but the recent shirts before them aren’t so bad – certainly not to the “Tshirthell.com” level. “Get a Happy” and “Carrot Game” aren’t for everyone to be sure though. What kind of shirts do you enjoy Alex?

  • Andre

    It’s easy to boast your sales! Consider start shipping to Brazil! Me and several friends want to buy stuff in your store but you don’t ship to Brazil! Hey, we only have monkeys here in the jungles, Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted and we have broadband at home 😀

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