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posted on 11 Jun 2009 in Uncategorized

The ultimate souvenir shirt from Lakeside Inn! Taken from one of our most popular Brog posts, the Lakeside Inn design continues to this day to baffle guests to this esteemed Chinese resort. I’ve heard it’s a ‘dump’, so you may want to change your reservations…
(The Chinese characters above say “Lakeside Inn”.)

Printed as always on high quality American Apparel t-shirts (made in the USA).

Use this coupon for 10% off any of our 3 newest shirts:


Coupon good for any of the 3 new shirts: Lakeside Inn, Chinese Peeping Toilet, and Get a Happy t-shirts. Coupon good until June 30th.

The Lakeside Inn shirt will ship on or before June 24th.

Lets shopping at the Store!

  • Bob*

    lol I doubt I would wear something like that XD

  • Figure.10


    Bob, stop being a hater!

    Besides, my favorite has always been the ‘crap’ T-shirt. :)

  • Bob*

    but I am not a hater T_T

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