Duracell Battery Rip-off

posted on 1 Jun 2009 in Bootlegs & Rip-offs

These Dinacell batteries can be found in the US on occasion. 

The funny part about them is the backside packaging – apparently you need a baseball player to work it just right… 

Photos courtesy of Don Morrison.

  • Ageless

    These battrbies are protecting our enviroment! :)

  • Lollerskate

    And remember: Make it look like an accident…

  • pathman

    Do not put into frying pan the batter. To small children not made availiable the batter. In space not put the batter or guarantee of function of the batter not possible. In black hole not put the batter as beyond event horizon may not give power as advertized. Deep sea exploration vessel or sun corona and protuberance probe may not the batter use. For alternative realities fabrication of batter, franchise wishing may head office contact. Proximity to explosion of nuclear may cause of function loss. For alien to consume may some stomach problem cause.

  • http://OCDaisy.spaces.live.com Figure.10

    Can I throw the PITCHER into a fire?

  • tj

    wtf batter lol

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