Fire Coffee from Kirin

posted on 27 May 2009 in Engrish Origins

The Fire brand line of canned coffees from Kirin beverages (a sister company of Kirin Brewery that sells soft drinks) has been on sale for quite some time now. It’s a catchy name – “Fire” – but some of the combinations are kinda funny. Take Fire Ice Coffee for example: 

I wonder if the irony ever occurred to one of the product managers at Kirin. 

It’s amazing the variety of Fire coffee products that one can come up with: 

Listed above is Fire Sky Max, Fire Seattle Roast, Fire Gold Rush, Fire Rough-Ground Beans, Fire With Milk and Fire Mocha 100%. 

Finally, sure to burn the roof of your mouth is ‘Super Fire”!

Photos courtesy of ‘Josh’, Leah Zoller, and Jason Gilman.

  • rk

    God, I want one of these vending machines near my work. And near my house.

  • Figure.10

    It’ll keep you awake. At the burn unit.

  • stonefield

    Will Pat Benatar be doing any endorsements?

  • Ulas

    This brand started in 1999, while I was in Japan. Its first commercial had Stevie Wonder.

  • …?

    I am the lord of all COFFEE and I bring you…!

  • coffeebot

    mmmmm friendly FIRE

  • Wilhelm

    Fire Black tastes like an ashtray. I seriously have no ide who drinks the stuff. BARF!!!!!

    Ever go into a 5 story Tokyo McDonald’s and go past the smoking floor? That’s what it’s like. But in a liquid.

    Kirin makes the best beer, but don’t really dig their coffees…

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