Another Cigarette Vending Machine Message

posted on 7 May 2009 in Almost Engrish, Fun Pics

Here is another photo of a cigarette vending machine found in Japan. Gotta have the outdated English to make it right!

  • wahay

    But by “expressing friendliness and affection” we mean “I want you to get throat cancer”.

  • Ellen

    Hey! Dave Barry (humor collumnist) quoted this very sign in his book “Dave Barry Does Japan”! Hilarious book by the way, especially if you have some familiarity with Japanese culture (which most of the visitors to this site probably do).

  • EricG

    This isn’t Engrish. This is tobacco propaganda from the 50s.

  • Figure.10

    LOL at wahay

  • YJ

    Over here so it’s over there so it’s over where.

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