Toilet Sterilized Message from Queen!

posted on 4 May 2009 in Fun Pics

A reader found this message on his toilet in a Shinjuku (Tokyo) hotel room:

I immediately guessed that the text was taken from the lyrics to a song – as so often is the case with strange hotel room messages on toiletries (check here, here and here). With a quick Google search, I indeed determined that they are the lyrics to the song “You and I” by Queen (from their album “A Day at the Races”). There’s gotta be a 70’s music fan somewhere in one of these hotel amenity vendors… 

Photo courtesy of David Lohman.

  • Yesh

    queen’s a good band but….. that’s a strange message to find on a toilet 0_0

  • Jason

    They are lyrics from “Just You and I” and they’re mostly correct. Out of order, but the first sentence is, well, it looks like it was translated into Japanese, then back into English. The sentence should read “Music is playing in the darkness”

  • engrishwebmaster

    @Jason: I believe that they got it correct – at least according to this link (it is from the last verse of the song):

  • Jason

    Oh yeah… now I remember. I have all their CDs and have obviously heard the song — just not as often as the others.

  • ric

    “Don’t Stop Me Now”

  • Avman

    Now that we are sterilized, we have nothing to fear!!!

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