Garfield: Lost in Translation

posted on 24 Apr 2009 in Engrish Links

Someone pointed out this unique site that ‘Engrishifies’ Garfield cartoons by the method – translating the text to Japanese and then back to English. Here are some of the better ones I saw:

Hat-tip to ‘Poingly’ for the link.

  • Courtney

    What /happened/ here?

  • dangevin

    I’m the black band.

  • MachineGunSally

    Garfield is also just as entertaining when three random panels are combined…

  • Penny Dreadful

    It’s also good when you take Garfield out completely:

  • Figure.10

    This was funny and so were all the links X)

    Badly I decide occasionaly. :(

  • Pkzip

    This seems to be a somewhat simplified translation.
    One of the problems we foreigners face when we study japanese/chinese is that words we would use normally in english, are not that often used in asian languages.

    Nice try though.

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