No Goat Head

posted on 23 Apr 2009 in Almost Engrish, Fun Pics

I am trying to think of a circumstance in which the label “no goat head” would apply to someone packing, shipping or opening, but I can’t seem to fathom it…

Photo courtesy of Teague Cullis.
Package contained electrical cables.

  • Ageless

    A warning for the Mafia?

  • Frandsen

    “No forklift”?

    It doesn’t sound completely unreasonable that a forklift could be called a goat head in some languages. Someone saw one and thought, “those forks sure look like a goat’s horns.”

    Also, it isn’t uncommon to warn against using forklifts on boxes of that size.

  • Peter

    those boxes aren’t meant for goat heads. beware.

  • McBee


  • Benjimoto

    A goat head is a sticker (the type that gets stuck in your socks or shoelaces). Perhaps someone had a bad dictionary and meant to put No Stickers Here (meaning the sticky things with pictures or messages on them) and was way off.
    I love the message though. Too funny

  • chris

    are you kidding? when WOULDN’T “No Goat Head” apply? (unless, of course, you made a habit of shipping goat heads by postal service)

    I’m going to start writing (No Goat Head) on all my packages from now on.

  • dangevin

    ^agreed, Chris. It’s just good policy.

  • ric

    Handle with scare.

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