Hotel Internet System – User’s Guidebook

posted on 1 Apr 2009 in Engrish Origins

Moral of the story – don’t use internet translations for your instructions! 

Photo courtesy of Nick Garner. Found in Ohnomichi Japan.
I put in the blog because this is Engrish obviously originates with a translation program. 
I try to keep the posts on the main site as “pure” as possible (but I am sure quite a few were made with translation programs as well).  

  • Ageless

    Think of all those visitors coming out (peevish?) with the use of that Japanese IE. :)

    Or click the wrong button in Japanese IE and next you know it, to all your family and friends, you’re coming out. Perhaps it’s safer not to use the internet from this hotel. :)

  • Henrietta

    Got to give them A+ for trying.

  • bigcaddy

    hey, at least they are honest that they cannot translate

  • Murcoth

    They are Sorry.

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