Dunglish – Where Dutch and English Collide

posted on 30 Mar 2009 in Engrish Links

Found a new source of Engrish on the web – Dunglish.nl, which showcases interesting English phenomena from the Netherlands and other Western European countries. I learned that Dutch and English collisions are known as ‘Dunglish’, whereas German (Deutsch) English mishaps are referred to as ‘Denglish’. I guess there is a word for every Engrish depending on the country of origin!  

I think a couple of samples are in order: 

Sign found at local McDonald’s in Amserdam: 

Dutch youth showing their angst in English Dunglish:

Click on either photo to go to the original post at Dunglish.nl.

  • bolob

    hahahhahah… ooo wow..speaks so much to education.

  • Rigoletto

    The Dutch try really hard with their graffiti. Nothing beats seeing “You can’t turn a whore from Babylon into a housewife” spray-painted on a construction site.

  • JohnB

    Darn! I really wanted to trade my Big Mac for your Quarter Pounder With Cheese…

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