Get a free copy of The Joys of Engrish book!

posted on 25 Mar 2009 in The Store/New Products

Now is your chance to own the best selling book of all time** at no additional cost to you. We will send you a free paperback edition of “The Joys of Engrish” with any purchase totalling $30 or more (not including shipping charges).

All shirts are currently discounted to either $12.95 or $16.95. The $12.95 shirts are easily found on the front page of the store.

Check out our newest shirts: Having Fun Prohibited and Endless Despair. More new shirts coming soon!

*$30 or more worth of merchandise (before shipping); While surprise lasts; no coupon necessary to receive book.

**Best selling book of all time within

Lets shopping at the Store!

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