Poetry by Hair Fine

posted on 23 Mar 2009 in Almost Engrish

This hair salon found in Kanazawa Japan features some poetry from the 17th century poet George Herbert:

There is something about hair salons and old poetry – I remember finding similar archaic passages at other salons in the countryside in Japan. Who came up with the idea to put this English on their building? Why this poem?  It is obviously not that important to them or they wouldn’t have butchered a couple of words at the beginning. Maybe it was randomly chosen from a library book of English poetry… 

Photo courtesy of Emily Hutch. 

  • Mark

    Why you ask? Because Japanese people are on crack. That’s why.

  • nichi

    sorry a bit off topic, but this reminded me of a salon I saw in Hokkaido. It’s name was “Hair Oops!” We drove by too fast so I couldn’t snap a picture!

  • Needalaugh

    I am concerned that this is a store front for a euthanasia clinic.

  • http://torasan04.livejournal.com/ Travis

    Seen plenty of Engrish on storefronts. First time to see poetry.

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