Engrish Uproar in China

posted on 3 Mar 2009 in Engrish in the news

According to the Google translation of this page on Sports 163.com (a popular Chinese news site) Guo Jingjing, the Chinese olympic champion pictured below: “just admit with just romance, but also in Hong Kong reported two rings buy hearsay.”  

But the real scoop to this story is the Engrish shirt she is wearing, which is apparently “ambiguous language to attend the T shirt“. She was caught wearing it to the opening activities of the “National Swimming and Diving Qinhuangdao training base”, and Chinese netizens are in a frenzy. The article states in bold letters:

“Netizens have pointed out that Guo Jingjing English T shirt on the “Late nite lounge mingle if you’re single” means not only ambiguity in Chinese, but also very outdated.”

Not to be outdone, diving queen Fu Minxia wears her own Engrish attire. Later on in the article:  

February 22, 2001, when the sun at high noon of the diving queen Fu Mingxia at Canton to attend a commercial activity, wearing an Indian Man “SEX, F*CK … …” and so on pants to attend the English language. Later, Fu Mingxia made an apology for this purpose. (Special correspondent Zhang Yan)

Let this be a lesson to us Engrish observers: Google translator makes Chinese articles fun.

Hat tip to Mark Schreiber for the link. 

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  • Joy

    People take a lot of things too seriously here in China…I just laugh at most of that. So what if famous people wear shirts with interesting slogans…get a life and get yourself one of those too, haha

  • http://geargea.com greag

    names guo jing jing should get the facts straight there youngster

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