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posted on 22 Feb 2009 in Engrish Links, Engrish Pics from Web

You may remember the Engrish post for Men’s Egg, which is a popular fashion magazine in Japan targeting men in their young teens and early 20’s.  Well, someone recently informed me about the Men’s Egg online store, which offers the latest in fashionable clothing and is loaded with the latest brands such as: “DEADLY JESTER”, “Murder License” and “Peace on Mars”. I found the following Engrish gems just searching through the various brands. Maybe you guys can help me find more – check out the site here and click through the brands on the lower left of each page.

Hat tip to Inga-Lisa Burmester for the link!

  • McBalaban

    In line with Men’s Egg, here’ s one of their rival magazines…
    It’s not real Engrish, but it still comes out funny…. ….specially with 007 on the cover.

  • Rick

    I came across this brog quite by accident and am I glad I did. I have a Texas dictionary that covers a lot of things such as Engrish. An example would be:
    Awl –What you go to Jiffy lube to get changed.
    Far—As in Ready-aim-far
    Bidness.. Everyone knows what bidness is and if you don’t then it aint noe of your bidness.

  • Figure.10

    X) Awesome!

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