iClebo – A robotic cleaning assistant video

posted on 10 Feb 2009 in Engrish Video, Fun Products, Fun Video

The Roomba has some competition out of Korea – the iClebo robot vacuum. This is the English Engrish promotional video: 

Even though it is spelled iClebo, he keeps on pronouncing it “iCrebo”. Weird.

  • Duck

    iCrebo leads the head! I love it!

  • orangey


    they hired a native english speaker to read a choppy engrish script.

    you’d think they could have gotten him to edit it instead of just read it, haha

  • http://star-bottle.net Courtney

    It protects from the clash!!


  • http://myspace.com/HYPERSAMUS MoNkEyBoY

    you can enjoi cleaning same time, with watching TV and on the phone. it happens no longer in your iaagination. ICREBO FEEDS tHE HEAD.

  • Chad

    Ah yes. Cleaning in an ubiquitous world.

  • Kris

    Clean your home after you come back!

  • BCM

    “Cleans under beds, a sofa, and a desk we can’t clean.” (1:30-1:35)
    Wonderful, now the area under my messy desk will be clean, but I’ll still be unable to clean what matters.

    Truly hilarious!

  • Duck

    I just googled iClebo, and the website for it isn’t much better … http://www.kjglobal.co.uk/acatalog/iClebo_cleaning_Robot.html

  • Yesh

    to intake useless stuff, strongly, at the bottom, and to reduce scratch of bottom!!!

  • Lollerskate

    Let’s robot!!!

  • Vonzen

    i so want one of those

  • TK

    Damn, I wish my vacuum had an infred raid sensor…

  • http://torasan04.livejournal.com/ Travis

    Ubiquitous fun cleaning!

  • Nuclear Chauffeur

    The thing is, at the very end of the video, the narrator correctly says “iClebo”.

    The part that had me laughing the most was “intake stuff strongly on the bottom to reduce scratch of bottom.”

  • http://chihiromark@aol.com chic

    Good to have this ingenius product at home and work, but wonder if the braindead people can understand the instructions. Many offices in Britain has far too much volume of rubbish, the iClebo might be a solution.

  • ali-kins

    omg that vid had tears rolling down my face. I don’t want to be protected from the Clash. I love their music….

  • Christina

    It happens no longer in your imagination!

  • Nic

    Is this serious? Or just taking a piss?

  • http://none AsianExpert

    “… and a desk we can’t clean” … I lol’d.

  • Utau

    He keeps saying “crebo” because in Japan, r’s make the l sound. The person writing the englsh script probably replaced all of the l’s with r’s, because to them it would sound right ^^

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