Spiderman rents an apartment in Tokyo

posted on 9 Feb 2009 in Fun Links

Spiderman is apparently renting a place at Shibaura Bloom Tower, or so their promotional materials would have you believe.  Here Spiderman is in a suit carrying a blonde back to his place.

The Bloom Tower is the newest apartment development in Tokyo and units go for ¥191,000 ($1,910)/month for a 1 bedroom (50.45 sq. meters or 543 sq. feet) all the way up to ¥1.8 million (over $18,000) per month for a 4 bedroom (246.75 square meters or 2656 sq. foot) place. 


You can catch glimpses of Spiderman throughout the site. This happy go lucky Spiderman image can be found on the “service” tab. On every page he doesn’t want to be disturbed though… 

Actually the units and facilities look pretty nice. The website is worth a look if you want to see what modern living space architecture is like in Japan.  The view feature here is pretty nice too – you can switch from day to night. 





Found by way of F*cked Gaijin.

  • rick

    And unbelievably, Marvel has approved it! They’re actually paying for the use of Spiderman in the ads! Amazing!

  • McBalaban

    After seeing Meg Ryan sell Nescafe, Sean Connery sell ham and Bruce Willis sell cars and Tommy Lee Jones sell canned coffee, nothing is unbelievable or amazing anymore….

  • Eldwulf

    Spiderman is actually an internet meme in Japan because of the slightly-ridiculous Japanese version of the show.

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