Matrix 3 DVD Bootleg Cover

posted on 2 Feb 2009 in Chinese Bootlegs

I have no idea how they came up with this far off subtitle in English – pretty bizarre… 

Photo courtesy of Phil Sholtes

Photo courtesy of Phil Sholtes

Cover contains Korean, but found in China.

  • Kira

    It just leaves me with question marks over my head.

  • LH

    If you google it you find film called “Drum” which has the exact phrase in its plot oultine.

  • Lollerskate

    White men will next the soul of you eat.

  • b&t

    So THIS was the hidden message in the film…

  • Stephen Hunter

    It figures that would come from a bootleg copy, but good thing is said “white man” because that can’t be considered racist………

  • Quincampoix

    does it mean all male Caucasians are homosexuals?

  • Figure.10

    Haha! That’s just classic.

  • Peter Kauffner

    It’s part of the tagline from a 1976 flick called “Drum” about an African slave in 1860 New Orleans: “The White Men Wanted A Stud To Breed Slaves. The White Women Wanted Much More …” Perhaps a non-English speaker screwed up the cut-and-paste and put it on wrong movie.

  • jake

    Chinese made the cover from Korean original cover. Look at the bottom line of Chinese.

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