Hilarious handmade signs from a Japanese zoo

posted on 30 Jan 2009 in Fun Pics

I received these submissions found at the Okinawa zoo in Japan. Lovin’ the handmade signs! 

This monkey can throw two poops at once! 

He looks harmless enough here:

Photos courtesy of Cheryl Hazelton. 

  • Yesh

    the animals seem to have a thing for throwing their bodily waste in people’s faces… my eyes would be popping out of their sockets too if a monkey threw two poops at me like that…

  • Lollerskate

    When Animals Attack: Japan.

  • Lithosporical

    … What… How? Why … I don’t even.

  • Moishe Macacaque

    The rock and drawing seem to be rather strategically placed. I suspect this is why Chimp Boy is feigning such nonchalance. But just wait until someone sits down on the rock to study the picture — the pastoral tranquility will be shattered quickly.

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