Moot the Family!

posted on 26 Jan 2009 in Chinese Bootlegs

Another fabulous DVD bootleg – this time of the Family Guy. The DVD was found in Vietnam, but likely manufactured in China. 

Photo courtesy of Christian Oppermann.

  • Idir

    Thos ex holaroos!

  • rk

    Chris is pretty boofy.

  • Kim

    The letters E and A are apparently subject to a use fee and are therefore limited.

  • Yesh

    woy too fonny

  • dangevin

    This reads like a Sunday paper word puzzle.

  • McBalaban

    That’s actually swedish… …Møøse bytes kån be pretti nåsti…

  • Oppermann

    Finally it got posted 😀

  • Jay

    This looks like text that has been rendered by OCR from a very poorly scanned source.

  • Lollerskate

    I loughed lovdor thon ovor!

  • Panthera

    When I was in kindergarten we used to sing a song called “three small china-men”, after singing it one time through normally, we would then sing it using only one vocal.
    This reminds me of that.

  • Panthera

    I mean vowel.. My head right place not be.

  • priceless

    “the martinis ho drinks” – I believe they’re called chocolatinis.

  • bigcaddy

    this is what happens when drunks type

  • David

    I nooded a good lough. Thonks!

  • envin

    The d’ohing mother? Shouldn’t she be on The Simpsons, then?

  • Ellen

    The most disturbing thing about this is that you suggest you watch “Family Guy” with your whole family.

  • Woll Smoth

    Goddomot, Viotnom…Thos os onbolovobly rotordud.

  • Vonzen

    dos os vory good bot romombor to corroct tho spollong
    that is very good but remember to correct the spelling

  • ali-kins

    did they just suggest that Brian is a prostitute?

  • Mene Demcards

    Can I peace on the beaches?

  • Lollerskate


  • Figure.10


    South Park TOLD you it was written by manatees!

    IT’S TRUE!! D:

  • Dave

    This makes me want a mortini.

  • John the Devil

    Os colled “Pog Lathon”

  • Murilo Silva

    I loughod out lovd with these…

  • Blaze


    that is all.

  • Ian

    it is outrogoogus.

  • Ian

    i agree, they have many arimotod odventvres.

  • StarBase10

    …Then watch “Amricn Dad”!

  • Person


    • Barbara White

      The site is called EngRish….with an R….the whole point of the site is to find humor in the mis-translation of non-English into misspelled English/non-grammatical English.

  • Joy

    Reminds me of that time when I splashed water on my laptop and certain keys were disabled…makes for interesting typing

  • coffeebot

    I always thot Mog was kinday soxy…

  • Mo

    Shut up, Mog!

  • Yannush

    I’m conslontly omborossod!

  • Mousaey

    I xan’t figuro out what it’s trying to say!

  • Alph the Fox

    The Chinese mawst have Elmuh Fudd Syndwome.

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