Seductress Engrish shirt

posted on 21 Jan 2009 in Almost Engrish, Engrish Pics from Web

This photo has been floating around the internet for a little while. The words are out of order so it kinda qualifies as Engrish… 

Brought to my attention by Emily Ash

  • Yesh

    LOL the kids:

    “Mommy what does the back of your shirt mean?” XD

  • B3llit0

    Her appearance contradicts her shirt.

    Also, we need a new shopping banner that reads “Let’s carry out a shopping.”

    Let’s carry out a shopping of Engrish store! After a shopping becomes done, purchases in mail to sending. We that at items of your arrival, enjoy is production by a product.

  • JJR

    Seduction FAIL! (Seriously, would make a good cross-post with FAIL blog…)

  • Ellen

    When do people’s appearances not contradict their shirts? Even in the US.l

  • Mike

    I actually give her credit for being dumb enough to wear that shirt in public. Maybe she meant to get a shirt that read “Liposuction My Is New Strategy”

  • Ghost08

    On the front “Failure is my Speciality”

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