Lord of the Rings – Bootleg DVD

posted on 13 Jan 2009 in Chinese Bootlegs

Here is the back of a bootlegged DVD cover for Lord of the Rings that someone found in China. 

The text was taken verbatim from the description for Vanilla Sky!

Photo courtesy of Aaron Arndt.

  • Lollerskate

    That handsome sex lover freak!

  • http://blog.modernmechanix.com Charlie
  • Eric G

    Man, I didn’t watch this closely. I missed the scene where Froto and Sam snowboard against the orcs.

    I gotta stop getting h…. um, er, uh go to the movies unadulterated.

  • Katie

    New from Kellogs and Lord of the Rings! PreciosK cereal bars: packed with snowboards, romance, and love!

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