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posted on 12 Jan 2009 in Almost Engrish, Fun Pics

Here’s a sign found at a park in China. Is there anything left to do? 


Photo courtesy of Liz Ball.

Photo courtesy of Liz Ball.

  • Eric G

    I came here to run, play some soccer and exercise. I guess that since it’s banned, all I can do now is sell drugs, mug people and start fights. Those aren’t banned.

  • Leonard

    When trombones are outlawed, only outlaws will have trombones.

  • Ellen

    You can play your music as loud as you want, just as long as you don’t play it on a phonograph.

  • Flartus

    No pixie dust or tiptoeing through the tulips. All dogs must be off-leash, and fence-sitters must come to a decision before entering the park.

    Have a happy enjoyable of the park!

  • Chad

    Apparently, according to the bottom right picture, there are no super saiyan’s allowed, either.

  • wedge

    So the first one….cops arent allowed to hit you if you’re riding a motorcycle?

  • “Huan”

    I hope that weird looking horn thing is a recording megaphone, so that vendors are banned from using those annoying things.

  • Lollerskate

    “Communist playgrounds suck”…

  • BeadyEl

    What on earth is the 2nd picture ??

  • Someone512

    Beware: low flying cops. They’re not allowed, but they screw the rules because they have authority

  • Manglish


  • Manglish

    Thank goodness I still can enjoy ice hockey, bungee-jump, and tennis because only football and swimming are prohibited

  • Andrew

    Does picture number three mean “no sitting on a fence when you have to urinate” or “no female impersonators can sit on fence”?

  • Andrew

    Also the lower left appears to mean blind men cannot identify poodles with their canes. And the lwoer right appears to ban Ghostrider from the park.

  • Andrew

    Last one: Does the seventh one mean that people with peg legs cannot use them to skewer trash?

  • Andrew

    I lied, not the last one.

    Is it just me or does the second one look like someone is throwing away a gas mask? Or adjusting some sort of valve with two pendulous attachments?

    I think it may be a flower, and the intent is “Do not pick flowers”. But even if you recognize it is a flower, from the position of the hand, it looks like it is forbidding you to throw flowers away.

  • Suiyi

    I get it, so I mustn’t 吃flower的豆腐!
    What’s the guy in the 1st pic, 3rd row actually doing? Dancing the moonwalk?

  • ghce

    Well at least you can have sex!!

  • Vonzen

    9th pic damn they banned AKs lol

  • Rayquaza

    Kinda funny how there isn’t a “no smoking” pitcure, though.

  • Katie

    (bottom left) Leash laws are illegal.

  • Figure.10

    No flipping off flowers. Oh well, guess I’ll just expose myself to school children. That’s allowed.

  • igiboydeguzman

    Vonzen, that’s a Steyr AUG.

  • Seventy2rd o clock

    It is allowed:
    – Catching computer mice
    – Playing Grand Piano very loudly
    – Thinking about bees enjoying music via gigantic headphones
    – Building one’s own toilet
    – …

  • itsme

    Yay! Sex, drugs, rock n’ roll still okay!! I love that park!

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