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posted on 12 Dec 2008 in Off Topic

Been kinda busy – hence the lack of brogging lately. I was just going through my personal photos of 2008 and found this gorgeous shot I took while driving on the freeway in the morning toward Kapolei here on Oahu (I live in Hawaii): 

Click on photo to enlarge – looks much better in larger size. 

I am certainly not a professional photographer – I just noticed the striking rays of sunlight while driving and took out my trusty digital camera, aimed at the sun, and shot away while looking forward. Off in the distance you can see Diamond Head. 

Of course this brog will never turn into a personal brog with photos of kids and parties, but every once in a while I thought I would share some of the magic of Hawaii that I have captured ‘on film’.

  • http://Gorgeous! Quantity Surveyor Man

    I envy you living in Hawaii! Warm, sunny, and beautiful no matter how you photograph it!

    Here on the cold snowy, slushy windswept steppes of the arctic gulag known as Toronto, your camera would turn into an ice sculpture before you could focus it.

  • Spoony

    Very cool, Yoom. It’s a great shot, thanks a lot for sharing!

  • pounce

    You got those nice Biblical sunrays coming down. Well done. :)

  • Jovanka

    So pletty! ; )

  • Bancho Libre

    i’m from wahiawa but i work on that side of the island. get that view every day. nice!

  • rince1wind

    Beautiful photo. One year my family and I lived on Nakiu Place in Honolulu, top of the hill. Out our living room window we could see Diamond Head. Thanks for posting.

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