Cigarettes that improve your health?!

posted on 1 Dec 2008 in Wacky Inventions

Sosu Company in Japan has just invented healthy cigarettes. New from their ‘Nicolestyle’ line of products ( “Nicolestyle” is short for “Nicotine-less Style”), the Mismo cigarette is actually a battery powered contraption that when inhaled,  emits flavored steam (water vapor) in your mouth while the tip glows by way of a small LED light. Flavors include grapefruit or mint and one flavor cartridge will last for 300 inhales. 

They didn’t stop there – the cigarette is free of nicotine and tar, but it also provides you with essential nutrients CoQ10 and Vitamin C! 

The machine actually converts moisture from the air into steam to inhale. Here is a translation of the awesome diagram from their website

 How the ‘smoke’ (water vapor) is generated: 

                          LED Light |  Battery |  Water Vapor Converter |  Cartridge |  Mouthpiece

        Moisture taken from the air   |   Water inside the filter |  Comes out as water vapor                              

I know, you must be worried about the battery life of such a machine – but I have answers for you. The cigarette comes with a recharging machine so all you have to do is take the flavor cartridge out of the cigarette and twist it in the charger, and it is done when the LED light comes back on. The very first charge takes 10 hrs, but after that it should only take 3~4 hours to complete.

Still confused? Maybe this video will help (click on pause once, then play to start up).

The Nicolestyle Mismo cigarette comes with the cigarette, recharger and a flavor cartridge and retails for about $126.00 (¥12,600). New flavor cartridges retail for $10.50 (¥1050). 

Found by way of J-Cast – a Japanese news site.  If you want to learn more about the Mismo, check out their website (in Japanese only).

  • Yesh

    i don’t know whether to be weirded out by this idea or applaud it… if smokers converted to this stuff would that count as quitting smoking

  • Ellen

    The candy cigarettes of the future?

  • leaford

    This is an electronic cigarette, and Mismo definitly did not invent them. Chinese companies have been making them for a couple years now. ANd they do not produce their vapor from the moisture in the air, but rather from the liquid in the cartridge. Think about how much air you would have to cycle through the thing to collect enough moisture for a cloud of steam. Check out for better information about the technology.

  • Nakai

    There are many models of electronic cigarettes in the market and in fact, the e-cigarette originated from China. I have tried some electronic cigarettes myself. Not bad i would say. Do visit for more information

  • Nathan

    well you could say the some mostiure from the are gets vaped, it does pass by the automizer but your right its all about the cartridge. Maybe they can start adding some good stuff to the nicotine e-juice we already use.

  • mok-san

    the perfect gift for president barack hussein obama!

  • mista bob dobalina

    Apart from electronic cigarette thing, I recall seeing an ad in a Japanese magazine about a cigarette brand used as a cold medicine…no, it’s for real, I’m not kidding.

  • http://n/a John Dyke

    Its not a joke, it works and its a real alternative to cancer causing tobacco smoking. In truth they didnt invent it and the more or less proper described the functionality. The screenshots looks like they are selling an old version. I tried many of them from different reseller and kept stuck at : Best quality, superb price, great service and fast delivery.

  • http://??? Isabelle Schönthaler

    Just read that all through and I am also very happy with my smuke Platinum from
    First I ordered directly from China where all these stuff come from, but with bad result: Delays, some parts not working, not received what I ordered. Many troubles/emails on defects. So I headed to European resellers and Im happy now with my Platinum.
    Nice day!

  • oskar


    This cigarette exists for a long time from a european producer!


  • Lauren

    Where can I buy this product? I read the reviews for other e-cigarettes but I want the nicotine-free type. Thanks!

  • Vonzen

    it has CoQ10 rofl CoQ10= 10mm larger \/

  • shifau

    will that cigger helps to get away from smoking

  • Electronic Cigarette Expert

    To Lauren: I know you can buy Nicotine free ones at:

    Hope this helps…

  • Chris

    Sino Neway Co,.Ltd was established in 2004 ,focusing on the R&D, manufacturing and sale of Personal Care Products.Our main products is E-Cigarettes, E-cigars and E-pipes.

  • Figure.10

    Woah! Kick-ass! I hella want one!

  • gordon

    Looks good when you read about it, but Mismo looks daft when you see the actual video

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