Bras for Men – Available now in Japan

posted on 20 Nov 2008 in Fun Products

Not only have men’s bras been available for a while in Japan, they just reached the number 1 spot on one of Japan’s largest online shops ‘Rakuten’, according to this Japanese news article. The bras come in black, white and pink, and are made of materials that give a luster look and stretchy feel. Why men’s bras you ask? The Rakuten shop says that it will “make you feel more gentle” and “give you a sense of relief – because that is a very important feeling to have”. 

Wonder if the dude knows what he is posing for?!

Interested in buying one? Need more info? You can purchase one here at Rakuten. The shopping site goes into more detail, including these four selling points: 

Point 1:  Specially chosen materials.

Made from the same “Felica” fibers used in popular men’s shorts. Has beautiful shine. Feels soft to the touch. Stretches to fit just right. 






Point 2: Freedom of the perfect fit. 

Bras designed with a “glasses shape” to the front middle section – the most important part of a bra. The front of the bra will move/adapt according to the shape of your chest. 





Point 3:  Helps you relax. 

Bra features a very soft shoulder strap, which is different from bras for women. Emphasis is on relaxation more than building up your bust. 







Point 4:  Capable of “Volume Up!” 

Pad pockets are included on the inside of the bra, so you can throw a pad in there to “pump up the volume!”. 






Look, if you are still not satisfied, check out this picture from the shop – the guy is in complete ecstasy!

The final text here really gets to the point – the bra is really for borderline transexual metrosexuals. Here is a translation: 

“Times like these call for a Men’s Bra

  • Even us guys want to know how a woman feels!
  • We want to reel in our emotions! (lit. “strain/tighten our emotions”)
  • I have the body of a man, but I’m a guy who feels like a little girl!
  • I want to remember a gentle feeling.
  • I need support for my chest!
  • There are sure to be many reasons, but the most important thing is to feel gentle/tender.”
  • engrishwebmaster

    Rather than make fun of, or take jabs at the people who made this thing, I thought it would be best just to translate the text and let it speak for itself. Those foreign models are pretty funny though – easy targets.

  • Blake

    I’m gay.
    I just wanted to ask what’s wrong with transsexualism?

  • engrishwebmaster

    Nothing. I was just writing an observation. No judgements were passed on people’s sexual orientation.

  • coffeebot

    I’m gonna need something bigger than a training bra…

  • Eric G

    The manzierre/bro come to life.

  • Tom

    I’m gay too and I agree with Blake – you are getting close to insulting some of my trans friends. I think your phrase “borderline etc” just seems belittling. Perhaps it seems overly sensitive to you, but then you have not walked in their shoes.

  • Cyn

    Bras are beastly, uncomfortable things. I can’t imagine how one could be relaxing.

  • nope

    Stop whining, Tom and Blake.

  • coffeebot

    I’ve walked in their shoes but not their support hose.

  • MorningAlready?

    I’ve read over this several times and I can’t figure out why anyone would think anything he said was offensive to homosexuals or transsexuals. He said “borderline transsexuals metrosexuals” which is a whole different group of people than homosexuals, transsexuals, transgenders, or transvestites.

    I wouldn’t think that this product would be for real transsexuals. I’ve not met one who would want a cup size that small. Depending on where they are in the process, any implants wouldn’t allow for something that small.

    Additionally, I’ve helped queens tuck and tape and none of them have ever gone for cup sizes that small. (Please note that not all dragqueens are gay. Sure, most are, but there are some straight ones.)

    Furthermore, I’ve never met someone who is biologically an adult, but feels like a child. The website said, “I’m a guy who feels like a little girl.” A little girl… Men who feel like women, sure. Women who feel like men, sure. An adult who feels like a child? Not met that one yet.

    “Borderline transsexual-metrosexual”: a person who blurs the line between transsexual and metrosexual without self-identifying as either one and whose gender identity matches their genitalia and who is only sexually attracted to people of the opposite gender.

    If you or your friends match that definition then give them a link. Otherwise stop looking for reasons to be offended.

    With the cup size being so small, I don’t think this product is for any of those groups of people. I think this product ranks up there with the school girl panties in vending machines. It provides obviously underage (AKA not fully developed) underwear for fantasy and masturbation purposes. And THAT creeps me out. *shiver*

  • Lady Friend

    I’m a woman so I find the idea that someone could find bras comforting and elegant or whatever more amusing than any sub textual pass at gays that may or may not be there.
    Believe me my fabulously-inclined friends, bras are no cake-walk and there’s nothing more liberating than getting out of them after a long day!

  • dangevin

    I have a few friends with the unfortunate condition that creates male breasts. They complain of tenderness and soreness, both of which could be minimized by having a little extra support. They usually wear tight-fitting tank tops though. It’s not a fat thing, it’s a hormonal condition.

    Oh, and it’s the internet folks. Sorry if you get offended online, but that’s the nature of the beast. You still choose to visit this site after ‘racism week’ so I think you may have some sense of tolerance.

  • Tom

    Thanks for straightening me out on that, everyone. I will go forward now in tolerance of others’ views. I feel like I am in an after-school special!

  • mista bob dobalina

    “Gynecomastia vest” seemed too uncool, and they turned into “Male bra”

  • Xenobiologista

    MorningAlready: whatever you do, don’t Google “adult babies” then, if you’ve never heard of adults who want to feel like little kids. o_O

  • Mercy

    I completely agree with MorningAlready? but Xenobiologist has a point. If you go to manufacturer’s site and look around (cute stuff) I think you will see that they target some where BETWEEN tranny and kiddie roll play, maybe closet teen otaku boys or loli-goth. Our western “Tran-????” descriptions might not really do the job here. Its just one of those things…Gotta love Japan! Sure was not like that in Detroit when i was a kid.

  • Kyuuketsuki

    XD I saw this on the news and laughed so hard when the guy said “moobs”!

  • hexhunter

    All that complaining about being offensive to gays (not mentioned once) and tranvestites, and noone noticed how worrying this sentence could be.

    “I have the body of a man, but I’m a guy who feels like a little girl!”

  • Tina

    I am a transsexual woman, and although I wear a bra away from home, I talk it off when I return.

  • NZWoman

    As a relatively “endowed” woman who works in a rather physical, male dominated environment, the idea of a bra being relaxing is a joke. My “girls” are strapped in good and tight before I leave the house. As I have to bend over a lot at work and lift heavy objects such as tv’s etc. there is no room for gentleness… lol

  • Ripplin

    Looks like the perfect product for female bodybuilders!

  • a kittah

    at least put some flames on it or a hot chick or something

  • Nika

    “I have the body of a man, but I’m a guy who feels like a little girl!”

    That’s not even transsexual. That’s just completely wrong.

  • Emily

    wow i never realised how uptight some gay men really are. jeezus.

  • Ghost08

    hold up them moobs–do it for it

  • katie k

    @Tina: In one simple sentence, you have perfectly illustrated why this product is hilarious. People with breasts (i.e. women, trans-women included) know that the most relaxing thing about a bra is taking it off. Bras are functional garments for those who need them. They serve a purpose. These “menzubura”s do not serve nearly the same purpose, and they do not pretend to. They are not for trans-women, and to giggle at the product is not to make any comment about trans-women. They say it themselves: these are for those who “have the body of a man, but feel like a little girl!” You are greatly mistaken if you think transexualism or homosexuality have anything to do with that.

  • Needalaugh

    Our gender taboos are dinosaurs. Now, you can be what you want, wear what you want. “Pursuit of happiness”.

  • Professor Bacon

    Wait, so the men’s bra is for “borderline transsexual metrosexuals”? And here was me thinking it would be for lumberjacks and NFL quarterbacks.

  • steve r

    Looking round the web, there’s plenty of sites featuring men that like to dress in tights, stockings, girdles, corsets, skirts, high heels, etc, often just ONE or two of those items, but who do not want to “be” women, are not gay, and are just men who like to wear something different.

    I see the argument “they’re just clothes” used time and time again. What *is* the difference between a skirt and a kilt? What *is* the difference between a sarong and a dress? Not a lot in reality. And look at this bloke… How high are those heels? What about these?

  • sejajr

    They had this on Seinfeld where they were called Bros or manziers

  • Lollerskate

    Gotta love the pinky one…

  • snakesnake

    Want Mardi Gras beads?
    Show us your MOOBS!

  • rani

    Ya, i agree that the guys are interested to wear Bra. This is good for them.

  • Ivansky

    This is madness…. THIS IS SPAR-BRA!!!

  • Skwerl!

    Looking at the construction of these Bro’s, they look to be of the cheap and itchy torture contrivance variety with the crappy underwire that pokes you.
    I beg you men who like to wear women’s kit, or men thinking about coming over to the other side: please for all that is holy buy quality undergarments.

  • Misty

    The body of a man…who feels like a little girl. o_O; Um, somehow I think that a lot of guys who aren’t just satisfied with the schoolgirl panties buy a lot of these man bras.

    lol I wonder though if the foriegn models had any idea what, exactly, they were modeling (I know they’re not actually in the man bras, but still).

  • AmyR

    If someone really is transsexual, they can purchase a bra. If they are cross-dressing, then they usually get…a bra. What on earth is this thing for? You could imagine is it for a man with sagging pecs except fot the “feeling of gentleness” part of the ad. Who on earth is this for? Men can buy bras “for their girlfriends” – but maybe not in Japan. This is a weird product – cross dressers and transsexuals wear bras, not ‘man gentleness relaxation things!’ It is a strange product.

  • John the Devil

    To whine is what the borderline people likes to do. Not the people in the borderline in between metrosexual/trasvestite and transexual, as mr webmaster meant, just plain borderline people ^^

  • Adelaide

    I bet Guy *ahem* Lady Gaga will create her line out of these.

  • Jakelee

    I feel pretty, oh so pretty… nah I’m not making fun of this, manboobs are definitely something that can be seen as shameful, especially in Japanese society.. at least they have something to “lift and separate” now they only need something like that for the “boys” if you know what I mean.. lol.

  • johnstar

    I hate this product ..are the supervisor is gays

  • johnstar

    this site makes a man going to be gays …

  • coffeebot

    Finally, something to supplant penis envy…
    nipple envy

  • John

    These are a current fad amongst HETEROSEXUAL Japanese young men. Nothing to do with being gay, transsexual, or transvestite. The Rakuten company started over ten years ago and has been making men’s bras since they started. They are the name in Japanese men’s bras.

  • coffeebot

    The best thing is, guys can wear them as a fetish and not get publically ostracized for taking them off in the park to play frisbee. Sorry, gals.

    TV men need tape to pull the skin together and simulate pleasing cleavage. This bra is more for fetish than function.

  • coffeebot

    I just said “publically”

  • mickeygreeneyes

    Every day in so many ways the world of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm seeps a little bit more into our lives. BTW, why do so few of you guys post in the main section?

  • Kit

    Uh, how many guys need the support of an underwire?

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