An Engrish Engagement…

posted on 19 Nov 2008 in Fun Pics

I recently received this cute email from a happy woman named Christin:

My boyfriend proposed to me last weekend after 7 years – we frequent a local sushi restaurant in our area a few times a month (sometimes more), so it was very fitting that he popped the question at the sushi place.  The miss-spelling only added to the charm of it all, I just had to share.

Let’s happy marriage!

  • David

    Be the marriage!

  • doland

    you think they’ll be marry once they’re merried?

  • Duck

    Congladurations! Let’s be marriage happy time!

  • Eric G

    I’m depressed, will you…. oh, never mind, the dark abysmal existence that is my life…..

  • dangevin

    That’s so sweet-and-mildly-fishy!

  • うれしいVetty

    That is *so* cute.

  • Needalaugh

    Future children from this marriage will be tweaked.

  • Egypt-chan

    I want my proposal to be like this…

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