Someone Set Us Up the Sony Building Melody Steps

posted on 10 Nov 2008 in Fun Video

The Sony Building in Ginza is famous for showcasing Sony’s new technological gadgets. They have had this “melody stairs” thing for a little while, but someone figured out secret commands for it. Apparently if you step on the top or bottom stair 30 times in a row it goes into an Arpeggio chord – wherein the notes of a chord are played fast in succession. Let’s stairs!


  • Courtney

    Let’s stairs!!!

  • David

    Let’s musical stairs! It melodies you when stepped!

  • Ellen

    That’s really cool! They should install those in the US. Although it might get kind of old after the first 15 times…

  • M-RES

    This is like an electrical version of the musical railings designed by the art/architecture installation group ‘Greyworld’ here in the UK:

    Have a look – they ‘tuned’ each of the railings so that when you run a stick along them they play ‘Girl from Ipanema’!

  • Morraeon

    Heh, reminds me of the musical stairs at the Boston Museum of Science… only this one is cooler!

  • James C.

    I wonder what the Konami Code would do to them…

  • Ivansky

    they would transform into a giant midi keyboard no doubt.

  • KMacK

    Let’s music stairs! Gotta wonder what stepping on the trigger step other numbers of times would do.
    Next: Music Escalators!

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