Engrish Chocolate from the 70’s

posted on 6 Nov 2008 in Old Engrish

Photo courtesy Jim Baker


Here’s a great Engrish article from a newspaper in the 1970’s. I think they eventually replaced Snatch with Woody chocolates. 

Ah the 70’s – listening to Steely Dan and eating some Snatch…

  • coffeebot

    *crunch crunch* Hmmm, weird. Tastes like fish…

  • Mr Mojo Risin

    You put your snatch on my Woody. You put your Woody in………….Well, you get the idea.

  • Clean Shaven
  • Acies

    Anyone know where this paper came from?

  • engrishwebmaster

    Just got a note from Jim who submitted the image:

    “Seems to me the article was from the Stars and Stripes Japan (or might have been Pacific) from about 1977 or so.”

  • Ellen

    The sophistocates won’t eat Snatch, but they’ll eat Woody? Wow…

  • Alan Fields

    Not much stranger than a line of mens cosmetics and perfume called

    Until a few years ago, Singapore had a toothpaste called DARKIE which has now been politically corrected toi DARLIE and the picture of the dark gentleman with the shiny teeth and the striped hat removed.

  • Hobbit

    OK, I’m all for the listening to Steely Dan part… Teehee!
    BTW, love the new site!

  • http://kp-chan.blogspot.com/ Kitari

    Uhm.. uhuh?
    It seems that the outcome would be interesting..

  • http://allagraphics.com M.H..Wombat

    We lived in Japan at that time and saw this advertised in the stores.
    The ad read “Eat my Snatch” I remember rolling on the floor laughing.
    No wonder they took it off the market quick smart. Too many Yanks in Japan at the time.

  • Vonzen

    they changed it becomes ppl kept stealing them lol

  • CRB

    Kids think Snatch is a great after school treat!

  • 嬉しイヴ

    … that’s an unfortunate name… but it’s not like “woody” is much better… (‘д`;)

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