Obama City Japan Gearing up for Election

posted on 3 Nov 2008 in Fun Video

Obama City Japan residents love Obama:

  • Ralph

    Great story, but omits one important detail … WHAT DOES “OBAMA” MEAN IN JAPANESE???!!!???!!! How could they NOT include that in a story like this?

  • Will E. Wonker

    What’s all the excitement? Oh yes…it is erection day.

  • http://myspace.com/ianmonkeyboy1993 MoNkEyBoY

    Erection day!

  • mcbalaban


    Most likely “small beach”….

  • mcbalaban

    …unless its “Oobama”…
    …then it’s a big one.

  • Kira

    Actually, everyone in Japan loves Obama. Even before the election, students in my classes would talk about Obama and ask me who I was voting for. Most of the time they wouldn’t even know who was running against him.

  • Bob

    @Ralph and mcbalaban
    It’s “small beach”.
    Nice rural city on the coast of the Sea of Japan.

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