The Chewing Sensor – Lord help us!

posted on 2 Nov 2008 in Fun Products, Wacky Inventions

 Tired of manually counting your children’s chew count? A Japanese company has the answer – called the “Kami Kami Sensor” (‘kami’ means ‘chewing’), all you have to do is hook this contraption up to their jaw and it does all the counting for you! 

Based on the theory that chewing at least 30 times before swallowing is healthier on the system, you can now “condition” your children to do so. An electronic noise will beep on every 30 chews, and a pleasant melody will sound on every 1000 chews. 

The sensor is reportedly easy to put on, so you should use it at every meal for full effect. It comes in two sizes – small for younger elementary school kids, and medium for older kids – and retails for only about $115.50 (11,550 yen). 

Source:  MSN Japan (Sankei News)

  • coffeebot

    Now all we need is one for nose-picking and farting.

  • Ralph

    I have one for farting. It’s my wife’s nose! Every time I pass gas, it twitches.

  • MoNkEyBoY

    What I want to know is, If all this is is a button under your chin, why would it retail at 115 dollars? O.o

    What we all need is a counter for talking. Every time you respond or butt-in to a conversation 30 time, much shock by mechanism will disturb your enjoyment of the mouth! Let’s quiet!

  • Repetitious

    Kami-kami-sama wa miteru…

  • Robotca

    The Japanese will buy/sell anything!

    “Kids enjoy expensive chewy health gadget device of fun noises!”

  • Kitari

    Japan really excels on these stuff. I used to think that chewing wasn’t much of a center of attention but it seems otherwise with this kami kami sensor. And the design is so appropriate; especially for kids.

  • Jesse

    A similar device appears in a 1997 Chindogu book:

  • Jakelee

    yes I was thinking the same thing, I’ve seen this in the Chindogu books before. Crazy stuff

  • KMacK

    Might this be used with the Pepper-Fruit gum for best effect?

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