Weird Mannequin from China

posted on 30 Oct 2008 in Fun Pics

A past Engrish submitter also threw in this photo of a funky mannequin found in a Handan, China department store. It kinda creeps me out, so I knew I had to share it: 

Photo courtesy of Becky Gallivan

Photo courtesy of Becky Gallivan

Does anyone have any idea what this design is all about? I’m sure it’ll grab your attention in the mall.

  • Len

    An anime-nequin?

  • coffeebot

    Mannikin Skytalker

  • Adam

    I’m sorry to say, that isn’t confined to China. They’ve got identical ones in the Taunton M&S.

  • Erika K.

    That’s freaky…

  • “Huan”

    That’s scary. I wish I hadn’t looked at it because now it’s bedtime and I’m going to have nightmares. Creepier than the EOTD.

  • cicelymosquito

    Pretty sure I’ve seen similar mannequins at Skecher’s Stores in the US…not that it makes them any less horrifying!

  • Ellen

    That manequin must be at the creep store from today’s entry. Really, though, it looks like people would leave things in its mouth.

  • Flartus

    I’m with Ellen…maybe you’re supposed to toss coins in the mouth, and get a discount on the jacket if they stay in.

  • Jen

    they sell these on ebay too. :) there are more than just this model.

  • NFreak007

    I’ve seen these in many Marks & Spencer shops in the UK. As far as I can tell, they aren’t Chinese.

  • BM

    They have these in Canada, i’ve seen female ones, they’re so weird. They scare me.

  • BrakX

    Yeah, I have seen them around Japan also… and yeah, they are creapy.

  • Kate

    Check out 26th between Broadway and 6th in NYC for a whole window display of these.

  • Nuclear Chauffeur

    He must have spent his early days in Chernobyl

  • Marg

    This is very similar to, and equally creepy as mannequins all over Thailand, in department stores and markets.

  • That Guy

    They’ve got some of those here in South Africa too o_o

  • AnonymousOne

    Since it has been established that these… things… can be found all around the world, I believe the next step is to figure who makes them and more importantly whatever sinister purpose they serve.

    This is merely the tip of the iceberg, I know it!

  • Jingyue

    The coffee shop, The College Perk, in College Park, MD has a male and a female of these. They dress them for different occasions and I agree, they’re totally creepy!

  • Xenobiologista

    I saw a few of those last time I was home in Malaysia. Now I know where they came from.

  • moosey_fate



  • w00t0s

    Those mannequins are always in The Jean Scene shops though. It looks cooler than the usual ones.

  • Yes


  • julia

    I’ve seen these on the streets of Shanghai… people actually do throw things in their mouths.
    Trust me, these things look a lot creepier with a mouthful of cigarette butts and half the paint on their chin flaking off. It looks like they’re drooling ash…

    I’ve seen ’em in Burlington, Massachusetts, too. The same mall they filmed the movie Mall Cop in. But that was a few years ago- they’re gone now.

  • Ghost08

    Loud clothes for Loud Mouths

  • CWC

    Haha, yeah I’ve seen that around. in fact it’s all over the place, esp. at the larger malls. It doesn’t freak me out though, I think it’s really interesting.

  • 嬉しイヴ

    they used to use mannequins like this at Tightrope [in Australia] … they scare me…. (‘д`;)

  • marija

    There are many of such mannequins in Serbia! Maybe they are imported from PRC :)

  • Kitty

    Scary….I’m going to have nightmares now…

  • Katie

    It reminds me of a ventriloquist’s doll, from old Vaudeville routines, though I can’t recall the name of the doll or the ventriloquist in question at the moment. I think that’s where all the mannequins are copied from. It dates to the 1940’s at least.

  • Katie

    Remembered it! Howdy Doody, a TV show which aired from 1947 to 1960 in the US. Linky:

  • Ann

    In Japan there is a whole tv show using creepy mannequins called “Hi, Mikey!” don’t have a link but I bet there’s plenty of it on YouTube. It’s about an American family living in Japan but they use store mannequins instead of actors. O_o

  • Pete

    Amazement at how long it took you folks to recognize Howdy Doody!

  • John the Devil

    The design is all about super happy mouth-fisting mannequin.

  • Mike

    If you think the this mannequin is creepy you should see the baby mannequins that have the same look. You can check them out here

  • Ian

    they have female ones in gatlinburg, TN

  • whoop whoop

    These ones are better at

  • old enough to know better

    From the same period, probably, but definitely NOT Howdy -Doody no freckles or split teeth and the face, head and hairstyle are not very close. I believe this was from a comic book or sign about street newsboys yelling “EXTRA, EXTRA” upward at open windows and streetcars as loudly as they could to try to sell newspapers.

    For pix of Howdy see this file

  • Allen

    Funny! I took a photo of a bunch of these mannequins in a store window in The Dominican Republic. I thought they were creepy from outside the store ……..but now I realize how creepy they are up close as well.

  • Joy

    I don’t think this is Howdy Doody…
    Amazing how they are all over the place and nobody knows who designed them…
    We need a PI

  • Bouncy Knowings

    They have these in South Africa too at skater shops & Chinese owned discount shops too. This pic is of a couple of them in the UK at M&S:

  • *Domino

    Heck, I would hate running into that thing in the dark of the night…

  • Aevangeline

    This reminds me of some of my grandma’s creepy caroler tree ornaments.

  • Chester

    there is one of these weird creatures in a small town in Costa Rica, liberia….
    this was more creepy cause it was broke an fix up….

  • hannah

    yeah,i’ve actually seen something like this in the bay in the children’s section. except perhaps not with a mouth that huge. not as creepy either

  • Kidvid

    Tintin having a freakout.

  • KMacK

    Yes, it is creepy. I suspect it is supposed to be a “Happy Yung Man making shouting happiness” when he is getting whatever item the mannequin is wearing.
    What it really LOOKS like is the physical realization of an advertisement cartoon. Maybe it is; we don’t know where the maker got the idea- but the cartoon made real seems to fit best.

  • mannequins for sale

    HAHA just saw this on reddit. mannequins are pretty creepy. check out some of the child and baby ones on just as scary

  • calix

    lol that’s so freaky. googled a little bit and there are tons of those for sale. who buys them!! link: freaky

  • TheGreatZot

    I’m just surprised that no one has bothered to post the obvious:

    “OPEN WIDE!”

    His dentist just loves him.

  • Marco

    i own this mannequin. found him at a yard sale in San Diego. named him Marco. He’s a hit with everyone

  • Kyllein MacKellerann

    Hmm. Buy two. Aim them at each other. Install timed nozzles and a drain so they can squirt water back and forth between and into each other’s mouths. Call it social art.

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