Pepsi White – just in time for the holidays!

posted on 27 Oct 2008 in Fun Products

Pepsi Japan (bottled and distributed by Suntory) has introduced a new yogurt flavored cola called Pepsi White. Better hurry up and get your bottle before it’s too late – this baby is going to be sold for a limited time only this winter. 

 The Japanese press release from Suntory says: “With the new sale of Pepsi White, this winter we propose a fun world to our customers that only Pepsi can bring, and we hope to acquire new cola users.”

I translated that literally so that you can get a sense of how Engrish comes into existence. What makes sense in Japanese doesn’t always work in English – especially ad copy.

  • Eric G

    Can’t possibly do worse than pepsi clear.

  • David

    What’s next? Pepsi and Ice Cream?

  • coffeebot

    This will sell big in Korea

  • Eric G

    I can’t wait for Pepsi & Sushi flavor.

  • Becki

    I tried this. It was even grosser than you’d imagine, although the Pepsi Cucumber flavor they had out last year was actually kind of yummy.

  • Xenobiologista


  • golfgunny

    What a coincidence; I just saw this in the market today with my wife, and we both had a bit of a “WTF” moment. Of course, Okinawa seems to get the latest trends a little slower than the other prefectures.

  • Bob

    Pepsi White is the third variant after Ice Cucumber and Blue Hawaii.

    Pepsi Ice Cucumber

    Pepsi Blue Hawaii

  • Figure.10

    I’m glad I’ve never had a soda

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