New Philadelphia Phillies Rallying Cry: “Why can’t us?”

posted on 22 Oct 2008 in Engrish in the news

Here’s the newest Engrish phrase craze you are bound to hear during the World Series this week: “Why can’t us?”.  Gotta love Philadephia Phillies fans – they have been waiting 25 years for a possible world championship, while the team has compiled the ‘losingest’ record in baseball (1st team to reach 10,000 losses anyway…). The phrase “why can’t us?” was uttered on a local Philadelphia radio station and has proven to be endearing to the entire city. People are pushing for it to be the Phillies rallying cry and of course obligatory t-shirts have been made as well. 

This video contains a recording of the broadcast – you’ll hear the spirited phrase at the end. 

Why Cant Us? T-shirt

The Obligatory T-shirt


You can find more info on the craze at The 700 Level site (fan site dedicated to the Phillies), and here

I am now officially rooting for the Phillies just by virtue of the slogan. 


Much thanks to Steve Ericson for the heads up.

  • Hinano

    I think the problem isn’t that it’s Engrish because how Japanese never learn English properly due to their poor teaching system…but more that 90% of Philadelphia is illiterate because no one wants to teach there for fear of their lives.

  • coffeebot

    Because why!

  • Ellen

    I don’t know if it should count as Engrish if it’s an English grammar error by a native speaker. It was funny, though. I thought it was strange that the guy’s grammar was pretty normal up until that point.

  • The Fresh Ponce

    Because we in jail homie.

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