Tokyo Asleep Photos

posted on 20 Oct 2008 in Fun Links, Fun Pics

A past Engrish submitter just turned me on to his hilarious collection of photos on Flickr that show people sleeping in public places in Tokyo. This is actually not as uncommon as you would think. People pass out all the time after a night of drinking and missing the last train home: 

You’ll often find people asleep on the train. I was able to master this art in the latter part of my 10 years in Japan – I actually knew when to wake up for my station! 

This next guy is passed out on the street in broad daylight – you really have to be floored to not wake up in the sun. 

Go to his Flickr page to see more funny sleeping pics.

  • dangevin

    That McCoffee doesn’t look like it did the trick for the poor guy.

    #2 is my favorite. Looks like the zOmBiE cOmMuTe!!!!

  • engrishwebmaster

    @ Dangevin – yeah, the woman’s hands are classic!

  • Andy

    I see this all the time in Korea also. The funny thing is that if this was the west, people would probably stop to see if they were okay but over here it’s so common people don’t even look twice.

  • ric

    I saw a exhibition years ago in a gallery in Tokyo where someone had travelled round on the train and subway to photographs groups of sleeping office workers, students, etc.

    One or two look fun, but seeing 50 or so… cumulatively it was quite an amazing set of images, like some kind of sleeping sickness had struck the city.

  • Yesh

    if this is a common sight then tokyo probably suffers from serious sleep deprivation… it would be interesting to walk around the street and see random people sleeping in the bushes and in the middle of the sidewalk like that…

  • Figure.10

    Wow. Here that would get you molested by homeless people.

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