Racist sign at Tokyo Subway?

posted on 1 Oct 2008 in Fun Pics

In another Brog exclusive entry for Racist Week, I found this sign in my archives just the other day. Looks like they encourage whitey to get ahead…

Photo courtesy of Mózsi Kiss

I considered posting this as an Engrish of the Day, but it contains no Engrish…

  • coffeebot

    When it comes to escalators, the White Man does indeed keep the black man down.

  • George

    Just in case you wonder, it just says to keep the right side of the escalator clear for the case of an accident.

  • Pikachewdle

    I guess I’ll go ahead, then…

  • Eric G

    Wow, even in Japan, Black man has to wait, white man gets the fast track ahead.

  • http://www.eehjhay.net eehjhay

    Look carefully. Black men wait and are civilized. But the white man rushing to go first. This is the other way around.

  • фдуч_шяь

    And no women allowed on this escalator!

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