Racist Park in China

posted on 1 Oct 2008 in Engrish Pics from Web

These photos were referenced in the news quite a bit last year when talking about China cleaning up their Engrish in preparation for the 2008 Summer Olympics. The sign no longer exists, but I wanted to broggerize it here in honor of racist week (and to archive it for posterity – or at least the life of this site). 

Racist Park in Beijing

Racist Park in Beijing

I believe that the sign was changed to read a correct translation: “The Park of Ethnic Minorities”

  • coffeebot

    PARK RANGER’S ANNOUNCEMENT: There will be no more bear-baiting allowed in park. You Jews, however, better watch out.

  • coffeebot

    I would have preferred the replacement sign: PARK OF IT MINOR ETHNICITYS

  • Neb

    coffeebot made me laugh…

  • Eric G

    Meeting site of employees of the shops/jazz clubs on regular engrish and toothpaste manufacturer..

  • http://OCDaisy.spaces.live.com Figure.10

    No! Not the Jews!

  • Seraphina Wheeler

    ♪ oh why don’t you come down, let’s have some fun-♪
    unless your skin is dark.
    ♪ cause’ it’s all fun and games down at…♪
    …r-racist park (o_o) ♪Ba!♪

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