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posted on 29 Sep 2008 in Fun Video

From the country that brought you human tetris, here’s another funny game show challenge out of Japan. I love these silly challenges…

In case you were wondering, the water that they fall into is extremely hot so they are rushing to cover themselves in ice at the end.

I dunno, when the US tries to be silly like this it seems way too contrived. The Japanese are serious about their silliness so to me it comes off as people genuinely trying to have fun. It is almost an innocent childlike wonder – “hey, what if we stack this on top of that and try this!” kind of attitude. Maybe that is why I enjoy these types of clips.

  • roflwaffles

    Did you see the guy at 0:06? He was wearing a shirt that said, “You Knock on A Jumping Door”. 😀

  • Neb

    Gah. Leave it to Japanese game show developers to create a challenge with the potential for massive injury on TOP OF instant humiliation!

  • engrishwebmaster

    @roflwaffles – Cool, I didn’t even notice the Engrish! Thanks.

  • coffeebot

    Is the you-knock-on-a-jumping-door guy standing next to a Transvestite? Represent!

  • catwife

    They have the human Tetris thing on Russian TV too. Movie stars and singers participate. It’s one of the silliest things I’ve ever seen…should’ve known it was a spinoff.

    Russia also televises a hilarious international game show (with bulls) called “The Big Races”: http://www.1tv.ru/static/pr=4962&pi=5610 . This year, there are teams from Kazakhstan, Russia, China, and the US participating. The ones where they have to dress each other on a conveyer belt are my favorite.

  • Ian


  • Amy

    Well, if England can manage it, why can’t you?

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