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posted on 29 Sep 2008 in Engrish.com Site

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Yes, it is Racist Engrish Week at Engrish.com. This means that every day a new photo that contain references to race, racism or are even racist by their very nature will be posted. There is one Engrish photo I took personally that I have been afraid to put up for a while – which will be obvious when you see it this week (make sure to come back this Wednesday if this piques your interest). Engrish.com does not condone racism – we just want to expose it!  

As usual any questionable (especially racist) captions will be deleted. First time poster’s captions will be reviewed before allowed on the site, so please be respectful of other’s races.

  • Ellen

    So suspensful. I sure am looking forward to Wednesday.

  • Kitsune

    I’m surprised it wasn’t “Lasicst”

  • engrishwebmaster

    I don’t want to overuse the “R” vs. “L” thing. It loses its charm.

  • coffeebot

    Man, I want that t-shirt.

  • Mikau Seafox

    For a long time, I’ve been going to Engrish.com and continue to laugh at the silly photos of poorly-written English scripts that foreign people screw up on continuously. As well as going to the “Not Always Right” site, which my brain breaks by just going there. I really love the photos you supply for us.

    Especially this one. Keep it up!

  • Kevin

    @ Mikau Seafox

    They are not really screw ups. They are usually just direct translation from Japanese to English using a dictionary. I don’t really know what to say about the Racist shirt, though; other than the fact that I love it.


    I’m super stoked =]
    esspeccialy for Wednesday =p


  • fiende9

    The 3-color rainbow is almost as enigmatic as the text.

  • http://www.xenobiologista.com/blog/ Xenobiologista

    “Engrish.com does not condone racism – we just want to expose it!”

    The thing is, I doubt that most of the people who made these signs and the T-shirt were intending to be racist. Honestly, do you think most people in Japan have READ “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”? (Not that most Americans have either…)

  • engrishwebmaster

    @Xenobiologista: I kinda meant that tongue in cheek. You are right – most, if not all of the entries on the main site and the brog are not intentionally racist.

    So did the “Uncle Tom” Jazz Cafe underwhelm you all? Maybe I built it up too much…

  • coffeebot

    Racist Week: offensively not offensive enough?

  • http://paperxcrip.deviantart.com Helena

    I really want that t-shirt, man.
    I’d get jumped the second I walked out of my house wearing it, but I WANT IT.

  • Mr Mojo Risin

    The Care Bear we never knew.

  • elo

    Where can a humanoid bye this t-shirt?

  • http://OCDaisy.spaces.live.com Figure.10

    Yes, I would definatly get beat up for wearing this…damn my shortness and lack of sneaking ability!

  • sk c

    why dont you get a sense of humour dickhead

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